Calls from the Past

Tales of Mira: Calls from the Past is the 11th Official Tales of Mira Campaign. It is set to begin in May of 2016 with a party of 6 players. Though it is not a sequel, it directly follows Tales of Mira: The Curse of the Dark One with a 12 year lapse between campaigns.

CftP is set in the Western Kingdoms 12 years after the Battle of Blackspire in which the Heroes of Verge defeated Nerull and his allies.

Much of the political atmosphere has shifted due to the cessation of hostilities with the Barony of Talon and the recent alliance between Avreal, Orcs, and the Elves. Even after a decade, the world is still settling down and adjusting. Though it has been called an “Age of Peace”, there is still much strife to be found in many of the Western Kingdoms.

Status by Kingdom/Nation

The Kingdom of Avreal continues to maintain itself as the strongest of the three ‘Human’ Kingdoms. Following the death of King Rikar, a council of Regents has taken over the duties of the Lion’s Throne until the heir comes of age. This lack of a strong, central leader has caused many to question the policies and actions of the government. Trust between the people of Avreal and its leaders is at a very low point and this has been exacerbated by the reduction in the Kingdom’s Army.

Much of Avreal’s military, specifically its Army, was made up of unskilled citizens and prisoners. With the recent peace, maintaining a large standing army became unpractical and not cost-efficient. Many career soldiers returned from the front-lines, some having been gone for a decade or more, to find not nearly enough jobs waiting for them. Due to this, crime-rates are rising and this is putting more pressure on the city Guards of the Kingdom as well as the Honorbound.

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Calls from the Past

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